Laser-focused process that delivers durable, functional parts for your operation

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) uses a high-powered laser to combine small polymer powder particles into a solid structure based on your 3D model. This additive manufacturing process is typically utilized as a cost-effective alternative to injection molding for low-volume manufacturing in various applications.

Key Benefits of SLS

Pamton 3D leverages SLS technology as an economical, accurate method to produce complex, custom parts or a series of small components for end-use products. We’ve seen several key benefits that make SLS stand out as an effective 3D printing process for our customers: 


  • Low cost per part makes SLS extremely cost-effective 
  • It is the fastest additive manufacturing technology for functional, durable prototypes and end-use parts 
  • Production parts are robust, water, air, and heat resistant, and repeatable 
  • The process is ideal for 3D printing of complex geometries, including interior features, undercuts, and thin walls 
  • Parts printed through SLS do not require support structures because unsintered powder surrounds the parts during printing 

Applications Ideal for SLS

The SLS process builds parts for all stages of the production lifecycle, from prototyping to low-volume manufacturing opportunities.

Applications include: 



Rapid and functional prototyping,
ductwork, fuel tanks and brackets, samples of products for in-the-field customer feedback.



End-use productionsmall-batch manufacturing, replacement part production, re-supply on-demand arrangements, custom auto or motorcycle parts, marine equipment



Medical device prototyping, prosthetics, and orthotics, surgical models

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