Developing functional prototypes to get you to market faster

Prototyping has long been a cornerstone of the product development process. It helps ensure that design matches the concept in every way so that mass production is cost-effective and lead times are short.


Traditional methods require users to navigate through many steps, but 3D printing gets prototyping development done faster, more precisely and with less human interference.


The investment in production, materials, research and development, and product marketing can be significant. That’s why precision prototyping is critical to making sure the product is designed exactly to the right specifications – before it’s too late.

Why choose Pamton 3D for prototyping needs?

Whether you have an invention or hobby, or do business in the automotive or aeronautical industries, our prototyping program can help you develop your product for the real-world market. We can replicate scale models of nearly anything.


At Pamton, we use our expertise and a variety of additive manufacturing technologies and materials to provide in-house prototyping and rapid prototyping services. We offer design, development, and engineering know-how to guide customers through the entire concept-to-product journey. Our prototyping program helps clients take their ambitious ideas from paper to real-world products – with the ability to scale it for volume production.


Key benefits of Pamton 3D prototyping services include:

Asset 10

Design, development and printing is completed in-house

Asset 5

Reduced time and cost of design and testing

Asset 4

Quick part turn-around time

Asset 2

Concept and design confidentiality

Asset 3

Capability to execute complex designs

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